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Since its fundation in 1987 ,Viveros Elche, has followed a phylosophy that pointed us from the beginning the guideline on offering an excelent product and service. Success based on the diversity of products, own production and a great distribution commercial capacity.

Nowadays the company has 35 Ha of pot plants (potted plats) and 20 Ha planted on ground, having in that way ensured a big and continuous stock.

The company is focused on offer the best quality and service to Garden Centers, landscapists and larg-scale distributors.


  • Yucca Glauca
    /altura: 30-50
    contenedor: CT7,5L
  • Yucca Filifera
    contenedor: CT20L
  • Vitis Vinifera Nana
    /altura: 20-30
    contenedor: CT50L
  • Ficus Carica Arbustiva
    contenedor: CT10L