Here you would find some images of our different products

  • Olea Europea Bola
  • Trachycarpus fort 15L
  • Yuccea Rostrada 7,5L
  • Dasilirion Serranfolia 7,5L
  • Mix producción finca Matola
  • Mix producción finca Matola


  • Olea Europea Toscano y Bola
  • Ejemplares Schinus molle y ficus
  • Olga Europea En Cajón de Madera
  • Olga Europea Yoiso
  • Olga Europea Semi- Ejemplar
  • Phoenix Canariensis

Preparation of orders and loads

The diversity of clients has led the company to prepare the orders in many different ways depending on our client's needs.


Viveros Elche is present in the most important fairs of the sector. It will be able to find us in Viveralia, Iberflora, IPM ESSCON and Lounge do Vegetable.